The KPI Banter Show is your source for Marketing & Communications news, trends, and entertainment. Each episode is constructed to provide you with easy to watch content sprinkled with the banter of two industry pros.  The KPI Banter Show was designed to offer an alternative to the typical articles, blogs, and books that are largely available for the marketing and communication professional searching for ways to stay informed.
New episodes are available twice a month, with rotating segments including the Topic of the Day, Nerds to the Rescue, Tech Talk, Bad Ads and Tips from Friends. The KPI Banter Show features interviews from professionals all across the country and representative of many different industries.  Each episode gives a glimpse into the Day in a Life of your peers, competitors, and role models in a hope to provide insights to strategy, expectations, and channel mechanics.
Brian Murnahan of Murnahan PR brings more than 20 years of experience in Public Relations and specializes in perfectly targeted content generation and placement. Michelle Keefer of MKConsulting offers academic insight gleaned from 3 degrees in Business, Marketing and Advertising, Psychology and Design Research rolled into 10 years of in-house marketing management experience.  Behind the camera Curtis Stratton pulls the team together with a natural talent for Directing, video editing and production.
About Our Hosts:

Brian Murnahan